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Divya Panchkol Churna helps to treat skin rashes, indigestion and constipation etc. This incrases resistance power of the body to fight against diseases.

Product Name: Divya Panchkol Churna Divya Panchkol Churna

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Divya Panchkol Churna

Divya Panchkol Churna : 50GM

Divya Panchkol Churna is a herbal product that cures stomach related problems. It also cures piles, indigestion, worms, colitis, loss of appetite etc.

Benefits Of Divya Panchkol Churna:

  • Divya Panchkol Churna is useful for joints and muscle tissue.
  • Divya Panchkol Churna is beneficial for arthritis and also provides nutrition to the joints.
  • Divya Panchkol Churnais very beneficial for those person who face difficulty in walking due to weakness of the joints.
  • Divya Panchkol Churna is also beneficial for women who suffer from joint pain due to brittle bones after menopause.
  • Divya Panchakol Choorna is helpful in the treatment of various stomach related diseases like indigestion, acidity, gastric, heart burn, etc.
  • Divya Panchkol Churna helps in bowel formation.
  • Divya Panchkol Churna increases the efficiency of the functions of liver and stomach.

Ingredients Of Divya Panchkol Churna:
long pepper (pipli), roots of long pepper (piplimul), ginger, stem of chavika (piper chava) and the roots of chitraka (plumbago zeylanica).

Take 3 gm of churna, preferably with milk, twice a day.

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