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Buy Divya Yograj Guggul is a herbal remedy for joint pain. It is a prepration of natural herbs which helps to nourish the area and provide relief from joint pain.

Product Name: Divya Yograj Guggul

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Divya Yograj Guggul

Divya Yograj Guggul is a prepration of natual herbs for arthritis. This remedy cures for arthritis. It is very effective remedy for joint pain. Yograj Guggulu provides strengthen to the joints and also gives relief from stiffness. It is a real arthritis cure remedy. Divya Yograj Guggulu increases strength of their joints and facility for easy movement. Pain killer does not give permanent relief from arthritis. Yograj Guggulu gives permanent relief from pain of the joints. Yograj Guggulu is an anti-arthritic herbal supplement composed of various components. It is also cure skin problems and genito-urinary disorders. Guggulu is also useful in digestive disturbances and menstrual disorders. This is an excellent tonic for hair, eyes and nervous system.

Benefits Of Divya Yograj Guggul:

  • Divya Yograj Guggul is recommended for joint problems.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is beneficial remedy to boost up the strength of the joints without adverse effects.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul gives relief pain of the muscles of back.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is specially recommended for people who suffer from joint problems due to hereditary factors.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul provides herbal nutrients to the muscles and joint to increase the strength.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is also beneficial for people who suffering from bone diseases.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is natural and safe without producing any adverse effects.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul rejuvenates and strengthens the skeletal and neuromuscular systems.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul has anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering properties.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is also known for its benefits in diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is very useful in paraplegia, hemiplegia, gout and sciatica.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul is very effective in spondilitis & lumbago.
  • Divya Yograj Guggul regular usage helps in subsiding inflammation.

Ingredients Of Divya Yograj Guggul:
Guggulu resin (Commiphora Mukul),
Musta (Cyperus Rotundus),
Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica),
Amalaki fruit (Emblica Officinalis),
Bibhitaki fruit (Terminalia Belerica),
Haritaki fruit (Terminalia Chebula),
Pippali fruit and root (Piper Longum),
Ajowan (Carum Copticum),
Vidanga herb (Embelia ribes),
Gokshura root (Tribulus terrestris),
Black Cumin seed (Nigella Sativa),
Ajamoda (Trachysspermum Ammi),
Cumin seed (Cuminum Cyminum),
Deodara herb (Cedrus deodara),
Chavya (Piper Cubeba),
Cardamom seed (Elettaria Cardamomum),
Rasna herb (Pluchea Lanceolata),
rock salt,
Coriander Seed (Coriandrum Sativam),
Ginger root (Zingiber Officinale),
Black Pepper fruit (Piper Nigrum),
Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum Zeylanica),
Ushira (Vetiveria Zizanoides),
Yavakshar (Hordeum Vulgare),
Talispatra leaf (Abbies Webbiana),
Tejpatra (Cinnamomum Tamala).

1-2 tablets twice a day with fresh water after the meals.

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