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Divya Churna is a herbal remedy for constipation. It helps to improve digestive system and also helps in gastric problem.

Product Name: Divya Churna

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Divya Churna

Divya Churna : 100GM

Buy Divya Churna Online it is very beneficial for chronic diseases like indigestion, abdominal pain, liver diseases, anemia etc. This Churna is very useful for those person who suffering from various type of gastric problems. It helps in curing flatulence, nausea, heaviness and abdominal pain etc.
Divya Churna is a herbal cure for constipation that improves the functioning of all digestive organs to give relief from constipation and other digestive ailments.
Benefits Of Divya Churna:

    Divya Churna is useful in constipation and other gastric problem.
    Divya churna also helps to improve the functioning of all digestive organs and prevent gastric ailments.
    Divya Churna is very beneficial in diarrhoea.
    Divya Churna is naturally cure of hemorrhoids.
    Divya Churna detoxifies and cleanses the whole body system.
    Divya Churna prevents the premature graying and falling of hair.
    Divya Churna is also curing flatulence, abdominal pain, heaviness and nausea.
    Divya Churna is useful for acidity and hyper acidity.
    Divya Churna is very beneficial in various type of Pitta Vicars.
    Divya Churna provides strength to the digestive muscles and  support normal functioning.
    Divya Churna is an anti-oxidant prevents premature aging.
Ingredients Of Divya Churna:
Rose flower, dryginger, rock-salt, leaves of Svarna-patri (Sanay), Jangha Haritaki (Harad), Krishna-bija (Kala-dana), Mishreya (Saunf).


One teaspoonful (5 gms).


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