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Buy Divya Godhan Ark it is useful in general debility obesity, Vaat.

Product Name: Divya Godhan Ark 450ml Divya Godhan Ark

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Divya Godhan Ark

Divya Godhan Ark: 450ml

Divya Godhan Ark an Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine is useful treatment in problems
related to Liver, Stomach, Diabetes, Eczema, Cancer and many other critical illnesses.
It is refined cow urine also known as “Gomutra”. This product contains unmatched medicinal
values and made using natural composition. It is helpful in preventing and curing many
health problems. It also proves helpful in case of swelling of Liver when administered
along with the other medicines under experts’ care. Cancer patients may also consume it
regularly but only under the medical expert’s guidance for positive results.

10-20 ml with equal water twice a day empty stomach or as directed by Physician.

Useful in general debility obesity, Vaat