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Divya Arjun Kwath is an ayurvedic herbal tonic for controlling cholesterol level and blood pressurre. Arjun kvath for heart patients.

Product Name: Divya Arjun Kwath

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Divya Arjun Kwath

Divya Arjun Kwath is a herbal prepration of Arjuna which supports cardiovascular health. It is a famous cardic tonic which is helpful in heart health.Arjun Kvath purifies the blood, control cholesterol and gives way to normal blood pressure. It also proves to be a boon for hypertension.This is beneficial for treating different heart ailments like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, mitral stenosis, arterial infaction etc. Arjuna Kvath gives nourishment to the tissues and muscles of heart and makes them function better.This kwath is very useful for men and women.

Benefits Of Divya Arjun Kwath:

  • Divya Arjun Kwath is natural remedy for heart problems.
  • Divya Arjun Kwath makes the heart normal funcioning and gives way to proper circulation.
  • Divya Arjun Kwath is very effective in treating heart diseases.
  • Divya Arjun Kvath also helps in controlling piles, anemia and stomach related problems.
  • Ladies can use for their irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Ramdev Baba Medicine is very useful for patient who suffering from jaundice.
  • It is also useful in removing stones from the urinary bladder.
  • Kvath gives relief in loose motions, fever, stomach related problems etc.
  • Removes acne from the face.
  • Provides strength to the bones.

Mode Of Administration:
Boil one teaspoon (5 gms.) with 400 ml. of water till 100 ml. remains, strain it out and take before breakfast and dinner.

Arjun Kvath Dosage:
Take arjun kvath, 100 gm/10 days.