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Buy Divya Arjunarishth is an Ayurvedic medicine useful in all type of Lung and Heart diseases.

Product Name: Divya Arjunarishth Divya Arjunarishth

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Divya Arjunarishth

Divya Arjunarishth 450ml

Divya Arjunarista is an Ayurvedic medicine useful in all type of Lung & Heart diseases. Divya arjunarishth is formulated with chief ingredients 'Arjuna' which is excellent Cardio-proactive. It corrects functioning of heart by enhancing the action of heart muscles.


Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Munnaka (Vitis vinifera), Mahua (Madhucaindica), Gudd (Jaggery), Dhaiful (Woodfordiafruticosa)

How to use

Take 15-30 ml orally with equal quantity of water after meals twice a day or as directed by the physician