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Buy Divya Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power it is an ayurvedic herbal remedy for all types of heart diseases. It supports cardiovascular health.

Product Name: Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power Divya Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power

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Divya Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power

Divya Hridayamrita Vati Extra Power is a herbal medicines for high blood pressure. It is a natural cure for heart diseases. The natural remedies for heart included in this product are safe and do not produce any side effects. It is a heart disease herbal treatment and provides strength to the muscles of the heart for normal functioning. It is the best product for people who suffer from heart diseases and do not want to take other conventional remedies. If taken early it prevents development of complications. The natural remedies for heart used in this product provide natural nourishment to the muscles of the heart. These natural heart remedies also help to boost p the immune system and prevent complications related to heart diseases.

Benefits Of Divya Hridyamrita vati Extra Power:

  • Reduces the levels of lipids who suffering from hyperlipidaemia.
  • Divya Hridyamrita Vati mantains high cholesterol levels.
  • Removes uneasiness and palpitation.
  • Reduces the levels of lipids in individuals suffering from hyperlipidaemia.
  • Hridyamrit Vati Extra Power also keeps check on the high cholesterol.
  • Ramdev Baba Medicine activates the inactive capillaries of the heart, promotes its work capacity. In this way this vati brings about an increase in the rate of blood perfusion to various organs in the body thus increasing their efficacy. This is brought about by the increased output of the heart.
  • Patanjali Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power is also very useful after heart surgery to keep the heart normal and healthy.
  • Hridyamrita is also very helpful in keeping your heart healthy after removing the blockages of the heart.
  • Reduces the blockage so that it can be easily removed out without producing any types of complications.

Ingredients Of Divya Hridyamrita Vati Extra Power:
Extracts from bark of Arjuna, Amrita, Ashwagandha, Rasna, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Citraka, Musta (Nagar Motha), Hiraka bhasma, Shringa Bhasma, Akika Pishti, Sange Yashada Pishti, Mukta Pishti, Rajata Bhasma, Shilajita Sat, Guggulu (pure), etc.

Mode Of Administration:
Should be taken in the morning and in the evening with lukewarm milk or water
or the decoction of the bark of Arjuna.

Take hridyamrita vati, 1 to 2 tablets two times a day.